“I thank you for your huge contributions in editing, substance, and arguments.... I have been amazed at your ability not only to follow the book's multiple intertwining logics, but also to offer many penetrating observations and suggestions on how to improve my treatment of them.... Outstanding work. I don't think there is a better editor out there.”

Richard L. Kugler (former Distinguished Research Professor at the Center for Technology and National Security Policy of the National Defense University)

"I owe special thanks to my consulting editor, Teresa Lawson, whose skills at improving a manuscript are unparalleled."

Robert Art (Christian A. Herter Professor of International Relations at Brandeis University)

"Teresa Lawson was as always a marvelous editor, who helped us straighten out our ideas as well as our prose."

Edward D. Mansfield (Hum Rosen Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania) and Jack Snyder (Belfer Professor of International Relations, Columbia University)